Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eyebeam Roadshow - Workshop Schedule

Workshops to begin around 2:00 pm.

ERS 101 - Avant Garde and Parties:  Since its inception in the Parisian cabarets, avant-garde creativity has been associated with partying.  David Jimison will cover the historical avant-garde's use of parties, cabarets, night clubs, and beer halls as spaces of intervention and performance. From Futurist manifestos through '60s Happenings and into contemporary practices, distinct methodologies will be discussed.
Instructor: David Jimison
Location: Danforth Lecture Hall

ERS 102 - Inspiring an Online Workforce:  Steve Lambert and Jeff Crouse will talk about their experiences working with strangers on the Internet to accomplish specific tasks. Hands-on activities may include 
1) starting a Google Code/Sourceforge project
2) using the online labor market (Mechanical Turk) 
3) making friends you never knew you had through online collaboration.
Instructors: Steve Lambert and Jeff Crouse
Location:  TBA

ERS 107 - Shopdropping:  Learn how to reverse shoplift your artwork into stores with Steve Lambert, a former undercover investigator. Plus, how to be a superhero.
Instructor: Steve Lambert
Location:  TBA (off-site)

ERS 105 - Ear Cleaning:  Andrea Polli will introduce you to field recording and free software for sound editing projects by taking you through a series of "ear cleaning" exercises, including a neighborhood soundwalk with various microphones and recording devices.
Instructor: Andrea Polli
Location:  Prieto Lab

The finalized schedule of workshops and locations will be announced at the beginning of the lecture on Saturday.  Please check this blog for updates.

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